The James B Coleman Project!


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James B Coleman was born in London England. He was raised in a Gospel background, his parents are pastors of a Pentecostal background, and he had a solid foundation, which started his journey into music. James has 5 other siblings who are also in the music industry. When of age James wanted to explore diverse music styles including, soul, jazz, funk and pop.



He is a highly talented soul/funk/gospel Singer with extensive experience in interpreting music and text, using the knowledge of voice production, melody, and harmony; singing, composing and arranging music for the entertainment of live audiences in nightclubs, concert halls, theatres, and also exclusively for recording and production studios; in addition to teaching.



After church he at the tender age of 21 joined the Black Theatre Co-operative (BTC), performing on stage to a wide variety of shows, musical performances and theatre productions.

He also became passionately involved in theatre production and producing monologues and comedy/musical productions.  His esteemed colleagues at the (BTC) includes, Brian Brovell, Chris Huntington, Carol Thompson.



James was heavily influenced by his time at the Stratford Theatre Royal and this reflects in his career and super stage presence.

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