The James B Coleman Project!


The Project


After his time at the theatre he decided to join a Gospel choir (L.G.G.C) The London Community Gospel Choir, where he sang with various artist like Tom Jones, Michael Bolton, Chrissie Hynes, George Michael, Elton John, Diana Ross, and the band Queen.


James has also done session work and tours in the UK and Europe,with artist like Spice Girls,Michelle Gayle, just to name a few.


From 1990-1993 James also was a residence host at the night club "Pamela" Hosting with his long time friend Eastern Davis,bringing in


and commissioning some of the greatest vocalists and musicians in the business, including Robin Gibbs,Danny Glover,Bobby Womack and many more.


It was at that time when he met Imanni who he took under his wing. She went on to compete in the Euro vision song contest and came second,

She also joined the bad “Incognito” and became one of their lead singers.

She’s also done backing vocalist for Leon Ware. James recorded backing vocals with Imanni for "Matt Cooper” Imanni is the Godmother to James’s Daughter Kyia.


James also started performing as lead singer of  a well established funk band called “liberty” at Xenon's West End.


He became one of the official hosts at this open mic jam session where he was introducing seasoned performers as well as showcasing new talent. Anybody artist that was in town, came through to Xenon's,


Jhelisa Anderson (soul singer) – where James toured with as a backing vocalist across London and Europe. After the success of the Europe tour, he gained the opportunity to record backing vocals for Jhelisa Anderson with Carleen Anderson on “death of a soul diva” from the album “Galactica Moods” carleen was inspired by his work and took him on board for future lucrative tours.


On the last tour with Carleen Anderson he became affiliated with the band “PUSH” formerly “Gallianno” where he was asked to replace "SEAL" as the new lead vocalist.They productively worked on the album “can’t fight it” which led to a sold-out European tour.


Through his contacts in PUSH he met and became friends with Marco Aabtecola, Juelz Pais and Miggy Barradas who's also played for artist like Tom Jones, The Divine Comedy, Noel McCoy and Jamiraqui, Soul 2 Soul and Walter Washington. The combined efforts of such talents have resulted in forming the band "Soul Funk Secret".


In the last 10 years James has devoted a large number of time on

“Various project” which involves the recording of three albums with David and Chris Salvi.


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